"To be truly effective in helping someone transform their life; I have to be prepared to go to the edges of myself. Life, after all is worth playing to the fullest."

Asking a Simple Question

The Solutions Jonathan Creaghan created for the Human Side of Business are the culmination of 30 years of thinking and refining ideas.  It all began with a simple question he asked as a teenager while painting water pipes in a factory  for summer jobs.  "There must be a better way", he remembers saying while observing and listening to how people interacted with each other on the shop floor below.  So began a journey to create a set of tools that would impact lives.

Jonathan knew that to truly make a difference we needed to move beyond the surface answers that are popular.  His professional journey on this path began at age 29, when he answered a local college's advertisement seeking a facilitator for a time management course. He presented the idea of a self-management course instead of one on time-management, as he felt that time could not be really managed without first learning to manage yourself.  It was accepted.

Through his early thirties he put together a small team of consultants to assist workers losing their jobs due to plant closures and downsizings. To assist people with their transition he wrote his first book Duxter’s Leap, a fable designed to help people by-pass their “chatter”, self-doubt, and other barriers to discover how to move their lives ahead by listening to what he calls in the book the “niggle”, the heart of the matter.  Since its publication it has been translated into 7 languages, and is found around the globe.  Most recently this book has returned to its roots with Employment agencies and is being used by them as an effective tool to assist long-term unemployed understand themselves as they return to the workforce. 

Defining the Human Side of Business

In his mid-forties, Jonathan had reached the end of using the traditional models of what he calls the "Classic Conversation" of business. To find a better answer he spent a year researching quantum physics, psychology, eastern and western philosophy including epistemology and cosmology examining how they impact on leadership and business. Out of this year came insights which formed the foundations of the Human Side of Business

For the next few years Jonathan created and honed his models with the help of business owners and executives in industries such as: auto-parts manufacturers, transportation companies, marine construction firms, warehousing businesses, and municipal government. The success of the models became obvious and Solutions for the Human Side of Business were defined by the creation of TotalLEADER and Deeper Dialogue programs, and Thinking Differently® About... Leadership series of books. Currently all his books are going into second editions.

What started as a question at age 19 was finally answered. 






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