"How leaders perceive their reality, deal with external forces, and interact with one another is the Human Side of the Business equation."

An interest in serving leaders comes naturally

Jonathan provides "Solutions for the Human Side of Business." He believes that businesses ultimately succeed or fail beause of the human factor. His focus is on how leaders perceive themselves and their reality, how they make decisions, deal with external forces, and interact with others. This understanding comes from a culmination of 25 years of advising business owners and leaders.

Born into a family whose thriving business went from being extremely successful for over a century to becoming unable to compete in a changing marketplace due to family strife and loss vision, Jonathan is deeply motivated by a desire to help people experience the freedom of thinking clearly.

A natural educator and impassioned speaker, Jonathan has used his life experiences to guide others through challenges to discover solutions that transform every interaction and offer a new, proven way to do business that is both meaningful and successful.

Jonathan is an engaged leader and part of the next generation of innovative thinkers on human potential and effectiveness.

Jonathan has been happily married to his wife Joanne for over 25 years.  They have two sons, Spencer a film score composer with whome Jonathan shares his love of music, and Aidan an observer of life like his father.

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Client results using the Human Side of Business Solutions:

All the tools from workshops/programs follow our 5 training pillars:

    1.   Easy to understand
    2.   Simple to use
    3.   Doesn’t add to daily to do list
    4.   Apply instantly
    5.   Effective at home or work


Leadership Development

    • Manufacturer implements leading edge technology capturing new business with automotive OEMS
    • Logistics and Distribution company opens up new multi-location divisions in U.S. increasing market share
    • Tire dealership group transforms a low pay high employee turnover culture to increased employee retention and improved profitability.  Employee satisfaction rises from 65% to 89% over one year period
    • Municipality implements “At your Service” culture to improve experience for the user
    • Company taken from near bankruptcy 40:1 debt ratio to $50M in sales
    • Leader of manufacturing company discovered patience as a "competitive advantage", allowing for faster speed to market resulting in winning new business
    • Leadership team overcomes stress of economic crises to grow company to over 100 million dollars in four years

Team Assessment

    • Business saves training dollars with clearer understanding of leadership landscape
    • Retailer creates “coaching culture” in low pay-high turnover retail environment resulting in improved employee retention
    • Uses Leadership Stages Assessment as performance reviews for improved employee satisfaction
    • Manufacturer strengthens company HR strategy around annual performance review experience, leadership development and succession planning
    • Increased professionalism of management at both corporate and retail level results in stronger culture, improved customer experience and employee satisfaction

Family Succession

See family succession page for complete list.

    • Shareholder anxiety regarding the future drops off resulting in more strategic and smoother transition
    • HVAC business experiences seamless succession resulting in growth of multiple times in company size
    • Family of large resort finds unity to secure the future and grow the business
    • Created seamless succession to next generation by grooming them for leadership, creating a surge of new energy that resulted in growth of multiple times in company size


Upcoming Human Side of Business Projects

Due to the success of Duxter's Leap with employment agencies in Canada, an Australian national-wide consultancy has approached Jonathan to implement new career transition models, as their country deals with the drastic reduction in their automotive manufacturing sector. 

He is also currently writing a new book called:  Beyond - Finding Freedom and Meaning in the Everyday  a book that  continues the exploration of how moving beyond words we take for granted can free us.  

Two of his other books (Thinking Differently® about... Initiating Change; Thinking Differently® about... Leadership) are being updated and will be available in ebook format.  (Winter 2015)


Supporting Leaders Around the World

Jonathan works with Industry and Service leaders throughout North America and Internationally, across a wide variety of sectors.  To review samples of projects and client relationships click on the available links below:


Education / Universities
Home Renovations / Construction
PharmaceuticalConsulting / Training
Advertising / Marketing
Logistics / Transportation
Steel Fabrication
Real Estate
Resort and Hotel
Family Enterprises
Clothing Design / Retail 
  Financial / Brokerage
Paper products
Warehousing Management Consulting/Training
Automotive Retail
Government and Social Services
Marine Construction





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