Need to make changes at work? answer "What's in it for them"

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When #CHANGE is going happen, make sure everyone can answer the question: "What's in it for me”.

This question is a crucial part of Step 1 "Understand" from the Performance Learning Spiral. The answer allows your #team members to take ownership for their role in the project.

The Performance Learning Spiral includes 4 basic steps for implementing your ideas in any situation at work or home.  The focus is on 4 simple words: Understand - Apply - Integrate - Live


How to end Procrastination in one easy step


How’s it going with that New Year’s resolution?  Procrastinating yet?

Here’s how to stay on track as smoothly as possible, and get more done. No wasted energy, only clear thinking and effective action. Inevitably there are some goals you will be able to achieve and others well, they will drop by the wayside or be put off. The ones you drop or forget about probably shouldn’t have been on the list in the first place, but the other ones that you put off lets focus on those for a minute.

Problem isn’t putting off the activity, the problem is believing in the concept called “Procrastination” 



Why Do You Exist in Your Role?


The one question every leader needs to answer, but few can. Why do you exist in your role?

This is a basic question that is helpful to ask every once in a while. It is a basic question but going back to the basics is important. Ask any sports coach and they will say the basics are the glue that holds a well-executed play together: your stance in golf; throwing and hitting in baseball. Get good at the basics, and you can operate well under pressure.

So now is the time to get back to the basics in business.

   Why do you exist in your role?  





Balance ~ Shmalance

New look at Work-Life Balance

When facilitating an off-site retreat for 65 school administrators, we were discussing the idea of life as a whole expression of who you are rather than trying to find “balance”. The reaction of the group was fun to watch. There was a noticeable sigh of relief as people came to the realization they could free themselves of the artificial confinement placed on them by the concept of balancing a life that in reality can never be balanced. The energy grew as the pressure was released.

Now let me be clear, I am not condoning working long hours at the cost to family and personal well being. That too is just following the collective expectations of society. Instead take the leap to another way of moving through life, that of wholeness.


No More Annual Performance Reviews

Wow! wouldn't that be a relief.


I haven't met either a leader or staff member in my over 25 years of helping companies grow who relish the experience.

Leaders have to know how people are doing. It is our nature to measure success.  But it seems that Annual Performance Review is so ingrained into the culture of companies and organizations, that to get rid of them would be impossible.

So maybe there is a better solution.