Speak Less, Be Heard More

Speak Less"Def'n Communication:  Speak Less, but talk at the right time, say right things with the right intensity, & be heard clearly "

In sales situations how much potential service opportunities and money is left on the table by not truly focusing on the client in front of you, but rather keeping to the way you think the meeting should go?

The idea of going through the meeting to prepare is a well suggested practice, but what happens if things don’t go as planned? Can you move with the meeting, staying flexible to meet the unpredictable?

Meeting Communication tip:  Listen intently with your ears, eyes, and instincts

Case Study: 

The sales rep representative for an automotive company (let’s call him Michael) was directed to collect the tooling costs from a Japanese tier one customer. His goal was half a million dollars that was due. His usual strategy was to try to anticipate the other person like a general going to war. Playing out in his head the arguments he would receive, and his rebuttals. He would keep control of the situation. But this time he decided to play differently. 


Why Guilt Won't Get You Moving


Why guilt won’t get you moving

So you have a stack of books waiting to be read and they are calling out to you every time you get ready to slumber for the night:


“No Read me I was the one recommended by your colleague, Josh - remember, he’s going to ask how the book is coming the next department meeting.”

NO read me, I am the book you borrowed from your neighbour.”

Mental note to self, don’t make small talk with Josh at the next meeting, and don't cut the front lawn on the weekend. this is what you say your eyes close and you fall into a troubled sleep.

OH man I have GOT to finish reading that business book, I hope he doesn’t call looking for it and I have to say it’s been here all this time and I haven’t even started it yet.


Intuition & Success


The Success Strategy no one talks about

If you ask successful people how they became successful, they would probably say, hard work, focus on the goal, determination maybe some luck, and the more humble would say with the help of others. Dig deeper though, and you begin to hear a different story.

That is what happened when my colleague (Sunil Godse) and I asked people about the role of intuition in their life for our upcoming book, GUT! What It Is, How to Trust It, How to Use It. We met with CEO’s military personnel, small business owners, musicians, a comedian, a surgeon, television personalities, entrepreneurs, and so on.

It turns out that most of the 50 or so people we talked with have used their intuition throughout their lives. Only one person didn’t believe intuition was anything more than strategic reasoning. 


Human Side of Business-Not "Touchy-Feely"


Can we please move on!

The human side of business is not about “Touchy Feely” any more, if it ever was!

I was sitting in a lawyer’s office a few months ago discussing the human side of business and his response was: “Ya, but that’s the touchy feely, soft side of business.” I have heard that dismissive response forever and a day, as if the only legitimate part of business was hard numbers and profit.

So if that is what you want? That is what you will get.

Here are the hard cold facts of what clients can accomplish when the focus is on the humans in their businesses:


"Dig Deep" -- You Got to be Kidding!!


 You’ve heard it all before:  “You have to dig deep”  “You have to be determined to achieve what you want.”  

I don’t know about you, but those words are feeling pretty empty and shallow to me these days. That’s because when you go beyond your reliance on those meaningless words, you uncover a power to concentrate that is so significant you know deep down that you will succeed. There is no B.S., no trying to manipulate yourself into feeling positive. Your attitude and actions are quiet, humble and focused.