How Making S#!t Up impacts on Leadership

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Think about all the people you talk to in the course of your day and you will come across it. You can hear at work, in meetings, around the water cooler, in the media, at your local pub, in the stands during sports events, and around the table at holiday get togethers when Uncle Albert tells one of his famous stories.

Making S#!t Up is about sharing our perception of what we see and hear.  Let me say that just because we make s#!t up, doesn’t mean we are lying. This is a misconception. Making s#!t up is really about saying things that are interpretations, opinions, embellishments, and conjecture. Though outright lying could be included under our definition, you can make it up without lying, but you can’t lie without making it up.


A Comedian and an Economist walk into a bar...

Comedian-mike-1327180 small

"A Comedian and an Economist walk into a bar ..."

It is not everyday I get to share a story with that lead in, but that’s exactly what happened while I was taking my family on a short cruise recently.

The evening before we had gone to hear the ship’s Comedian Al Katz, a nearly 40 year veteran of the comedy stage. He has been on Oprah, the Today show, as well as played all the classic comedy clubs around the U.S. at one time or another. My own intuition kicked in and I approached him to explore his interest in being interviewed for my new book GUT! What it is, How to trust, How to use it. Al said he uses intuition on stage and was excited by the prospect of talking about it, we agreed to meet at the lounge the next afternoon.


Use "Mind Management" not "Time Management" to Get More Done



"Focusing on mind management has a significant impact on workplace effectiveness"

What if you could save accumulated minutes to find hours during the week,  how would you use that extra time? 

In our “get’er done now” world of limited resources, it’s time to come at the problem of managing time from a completely different perspective.

Finding tiny moments of lost time are the key to getting more done. Sure you will have your list of things you want to accomplish each day. But that presupposes that what is on your list needs to be there. So lets get deeper with things.


Why Time Management Doesn't Work

Do you know who long a minute is to manage it? You can look at your watch, but without that reference how long is a length of time anyway?

When I stopped to think about the answer I had to say with all truthfulness “I have no idea how long a minute is.”  Others I asked agreed, but some said “I can tell through a feeling rather than a specific knowing of a duration.” The best answer was “a minute is as long as I need it to be”. How beautiful, we have all said something like “just give me a minute and I will be right there”, and then take longer to accomplish what we were doing.



A Hypothetical Life

The writing experience is often for me a stream of consciousness that flows through me and onto the page. While writing the second chapter of the new book the main character is being told he is living a hypothetical life. What an interesting idea. Can we live a hypothetical life, and if so what is it?

The main character is not sure how to take this news, because he feels that he is living life like everyone else. He is often stressed, unhappy and working too many hours all because he is never satisfied.

When we end trying to over think, anticipate, manipulate ... something that may or many not happen ~ our lives improve significantly