Art of stone skipping


StoneskippingThere is great satisfaction when a stone skips (or skims) on forever across the water. One, two, three... ten, eleven.... until all the skips come together, and the stones slides to a stop and sinks.

From where I stand on the beach, the water today is placid and perfect for one of my favorite childhood past times:

Stone Skipping!

Reconnecting with Youthful Joys
I haven't skipped a stone in a few years, this is a pity. I hope I never truly let go of childhood joys. In my youth the goal of skipping stones was the number of skips per stone, the more skips the better. I of course cannot remember my greatest number. Over 12 maybe, my childhood self would say close to 20 skips, and I believed at the time that strength and speed of the throw along with the proper weight and thickness of the stone were the key.


Are your Leaders selfish?

Selfish Leader

A selfish leader will push others aside to achieve their goals

This type of  Leader is selfish - let's call them "Firecracker".  They will typically get frustrated and autocratic when a problem arises or a deadline looms - and will blow things up instead of create/encourage. They will push others aside to achieve their goals. As companies grow, selfish leaders can become overwhelmed and can suck the life out of their team. When passion in the workplace is combined with an inability to lead, then passion translates into something else. You know this is occurring when a meeting is called, and everyone just sits there in silence with their heads down, not wanting to say anything or wanting to be called upon.


Leadership not doing a "Good Job" in Movie WhipLash

Leadership - not doing good job

 In the Academy award winning moving Whiplash, Fletcher, a teacher at a prestigious music school, yells, swears, and throws instruments around the room when students don't live up to his standards.  "Not my tempo" was his favorite saying when Andrew, the young drumming prodigy, can't find the beat.  Fletcher was looking for the next world class musician, and had seen in Andrew that possibility.

I have coached many leaders like Fletcher.  Passionate people who believe their leadership style will bring out the best possible results from their staff. But when passion turns into anger, rather than motivating and inspiring, it ends up creating a culture of fear and anxiety.  (Of course the movie goes to an extreme to make a point, but the point is still made.)


Going to Networking Event: What type of networker are you?


An Entertaining look at Networking

So you have a networking event or social gathering to attend. 

Take a fly on the wall perspective with me for a moment. You're at the event, and below from your perch, you see people standing around smiling, talking, walking, gathered in groups, couples, individuals staring at their empty glasses and so on. People on the move, others standing still. From this objective perspective you notice randomness to the whole experience. People coming in and out of connection with each other, sometimes the random connection is fleeting, other times it lasts longer.  These random networking connections are “touch-points”.


Signs when next generation in Family Business is ownership ready?

Next Generation-Family Business-Ownership

How do you know when the next generation in Family Business is ready to take over the company?

The ultimate answer lies with the human side of family business. That almost unseen or silent message sent off by the next genration to their parents and employees that they are ready. 

"an evolution is required within next generation... The self-perception shift from manager / employee to leader / owner"