"Dig Deep" -- You Got to be Kidding!!


 You’ve heard it all before:  “You have to dig deep”  “You have to be determined to achieve what you want.”  

I don’t know about you, but those words are feeling pretty empty and shallow to me these days. That’s because when you go beyond your reliance on those meaningless words, you uncover a power to concentrate that is so significant you know deep down that you will succeed. There is no B.S., no trying to manipulate yourself into feeling positive. Your attitude and actions are quiet, humble and focused. 

We have all been there, we start something with vigor and passion, only to find our excitement and energy naturally dissipates for a while. The problem is we interpret this waning as a loss of interest, making it difficult to overcome the natural ups and downs we are inevitably going to face.


The goal is to use your energy efficiently and economically right now.

The issue is not the loss of enthusiasm; the issue is where you have placed your attention and energy. Typically, we place a great deal of emphasis on the initial excitement and passion we feel for our cause, and this focus on that unbridled energy is what we rely on to move us forward. This energy, which is difficult to sustain because of its naive nature, can disappear very quickly at first setbacks. It can be seen in people and in companies wanting to improve - great beginning, short lived follow through.  If we feel excited and enthusiastic we move forward. If we feel it’s lost, we panic and question our decision, or worse beat ourselves up for losing it. An enormous amount of energy is spent on wondering why we are not excited anymore. Our mistake is relying on a passion or excitement that isn’t deep enough to handle varying external conditions or fragile internal emotions.

Shift your focus away from whether you are excited and you will see that this lost energy can be directed to a re-commitment to the original purpose.

Contrary to what is said in motivational talks, you don’t need to get up every morning feeling passionate about your life. Nor is it necessary to be excited about your goal every moment. You don’t need to artificially build yourself up. The energy it takes to do so is energy better spent on just achieving what you want. When you do this you sustain higher levels of energy and focus over a longer period of time, ultimately achieving your goal faster.  

Your decision and commitment to who you are, IS the driver

Whether in companies or within yourself, your decision and commitment to who you are IS the driver, not the level of enthusiasm that you have. When you place your attention here you actually move beyond reliance on enthusiasm to experience true passion and inspiration.  There is no struggle, there is no doubt. Here you find something more profound; a simple knowing that moves you forward regardless of external conditions and emotions.

Tap into an unquestioning acceptance of what you do and why you do it - the true mechanism of achievement.