Human Side of Business-Not "Touchy-Feely"


Can we please move on!

The human side of business is not about “Touchy Feely” any more, if it ever was!

I was sitting in a lawyer’s office a few months ago discussing the human side of business and his response was: “Ya, but that’s the touchy feely, soft side of business.” I have heard that dismissive response forever and a day, as if the only legitimate part of business was hard numbers and profit.

So if that is what you want? That is what you will get.

Here are the hard cold facts of what clients can accomplish when the focus is on the humans in their businesses:

 Transform Leadership

  • Built sophisticated financially viable family companies worth millions of dollars
  • Created seamless succession to next generation by grooming them for leadership, creating a surge of new energy that resulted in growth of multiple times in company size
  • Helped prepare leadership mindset for sale of company resulting in many times greater price than expected

Implement Ideas 

  • Implemented leading edge and world class manufacturing cells under budget and time, to capture new business with automotive OEM's
  • Opened up new multi-location divisions in U.S. capturing greater market share
  • Implemented culture of "Employer of Choice" and "Service Provider of Choice" across 16 retail locations resulting in 50% improvement in employee satisfaction survey
  • Municipality implemented an "At Your Service" culture with several thousand employees including union members
  • Created successful start-ups

Thinking Differently®

  • Companies taken from near bankruptcy 40:1 debt ratio to $50M in sales
  • Leaders discovered patience as a "competitive advantage" allowing them to exceed competition in winning new business
  • President 30 days from closure grows company to $100M by treating his bankers like human beings

But that is just the so called “touchy feely” side of business… isn’t it?


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