Going to Networking Event: What type of networker are you?


An Entertaining look at Networking

So you have a networking event or social gathering to attend. 

Take a fly on the wall perspective with me for a moment. You're at the event, and below from your perch, you see people standing around smiling, talking, walking, gathered in groups, couples, individuals staring at their empty glasses and so on. People on the move, others standing still. From this objective perspective you notice randomness to the whole experience. People coming in and out of connection with each other, sometimes the random connection is fleeting, other times it lasts longer.  These random networking connections are “touch-points”.

 Think of the networking gatherings as creating momentary "Touch-Points"

A person comes up to talk with you -- a touch-point is made. Information is exchanged, maybe of interest, maybe not. If there is a connection the interaction continues, if not it ends -- touch-point complete.

What is interesting about these touch-points is the seeming distractibility of them. You are in conversation with someone and another touch-point comes into the conversation, he or she instantly changes the conversation dynamic. Either they add to the experience or distracts from it. A person moves on to get a drink with intention (or not) of coming back, and she gets distracted by another touch-point, your existing connection is lost.

We meet, we talk, we connect or we don’t. That’s it. If it works out, great it grows. If not, there will be other touch-points to create. 

If the goal is to create touch-points, no better venue exists than a social networking event. That is why people are there.

6 Types of Touch-Points to be aware of:

A key to remember at these events is to be comfortable with moving around - these are only touch-points aftera all.

Gatherings of all sorts of people can bring about desired outcomes, so being at these social functions are important, but they are mostly about random meetings of people who come in and out of our lives like sub-atomic particles that live and die in a heart beat.  

A Bright  touch-point evolves into a meaningful relationship where both parties flourish, let those be ones you grow and have fun with.