Are your Leaders selfish?

Selfish Leader

A selfish leader will push others aside to achieve their goals

This type of  Leader is selfish - let's call them "Firecracker".  They will typically get frustrated and autocratic when a problem arises or a deadline looms - and will blow things up instead of create/encourage. They will push others aside to achieve their goals. As companies grow, selfish leaders can become overwhelmed and can suck the life out of their team. When passion in the workplace is combined with an inability to lead, then passion translates into something else. You know this is occurring when a meeting is called, and everyone just sits there in silence with their heads down, not wanting to say anything or wanting to be called upon.

 Behaviors of a "Selfish Leader"

    • Following their own rules to get the job done
    • Constantly re-inventing solutions
    • Hoards' information
    • Nit-pick and micro-manage
    • Need to be "baby-sat" by upper level leaders
    • Will create problems to solve

Selfish Leader's Motto:   "If you want something done, have to do it yourself"

Changing a "Selfish Leader"?

They're no longer a selfish leader when - they shift from an "I" to a "We" focus

Well the answer of course is -- it depends. Does he or she want to change, and is he or she capable of growing? If that is the case, then here are some strategies and corresponding behaviors you can develop to bring them along.

    • Set up a series of regular meetings that include skill and knowledge development, and hold them to the meetings and the outcomes
    • Introduce the tools of the company – these are the established methods, systems, policies the company uses to succeed
    • Test their improvement with projects that require the assistance of one or two others so they learn how to work as a team.

He or she is no longer a selfish leader when they shift from an "I" to a "We" focus, and start working with and through others on their team.

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