Speak Less, Be Heard More

Speak Less"Def'n Communication:  Speak Less, but talk at the right time, say right things with the right intensity, & be heard clearly "

In sales situations how much potential service opportunities and money is left on the table by not truly focusing on the client in front of you, but rather keeping to the way you think the meeting should go?

The idea of going through the meeting to prepare is a well suggested practice, but what happens if things don’t go as planned? Can you move with the meeting, staying flexible to meet the unpredictable?

Meeting Communication tip:  Listen intently with your ears, eyes, and instincts

Case Study: 

The sales rep representative for an automotive company (let’s call him Michael) was directed to collect the tooling costs from a Japanese tier one customer. His goal was half a million dollars that was due. His usual strategy was to try to anticipate the other person like a general going to war. Playing out in his head the arguments he would receive, and his rebuttals. He would keep control of the situation. But this time he decided to play differently. 

6  Communication rules for a meeting.

  1. Keep your outcome clear in your head but not how it gets achieved
  2. Stay relaxed and open to the direction of the meeting – keeping it on track if needed but staying flexible to new opportunities
  3. Listen intently with your ears, eyes, and instincts. Listen for the deeper message
  4. Ask questions for clarification and feedback what you think you heard
  5. Focus completely on the other person - trying not to anticipate or complete their thoughts or sentences for them
  6. Meet people at their level of understanding

Case Study Outcome:

Keeping those six rules in mind forced Michael to speak less, allowing the relationship to evolve naturally. As his mind settled and his awareness grew, he heard clues and information that were new to him and which he was able to use. This deeper attention took the meeting out of the adversarial mind-set and into a new place of relationship and trust. The tier one buyer exclaimed after many minutes into the meeting “Michael san, finally we connect. Now we can do business!” It seems the buyer wanted something different anyway. Michael didn’t walk out with half a million dollars, he walked out with $1.75 million and advise on future bidding. 

 Trust yourself, trust others and trust the process

Less talking means talking at the right time, saying the right things with the right level of intensity to be heard clearly. Sales meetings are about developing or reinforcing  trust. Let the trust evolve.