How to end Procrastination in one easy step


How’s it going with that New Year’s resolution?  Procrastinating yet?

Here’s how to stay on track as smoothly as possible, and get more done. No wasted energy, only clear thinking and effective action. Inevitably there are some goals you will be able to achieve and others well, they will drop by the wayside or be put off. The ones you drop or forget about probably shouldn’t have been on the list in the first place, but the other ones that you put off lets focus on those for a minute.

Problem isn’t putting off the activity, the problem is believing in the concept called “Procrastination” 


Conventional wisdom will tell you that you are procrastinating. What if believing in the concept of procrastination was the issue and all the energy spent worrying about procrastinating was the problem?

Well yes, this is exactly what is going on. The problem isn’t putting off the activity, the problem is believing in the concept called “Procrastination”.  It’s simply a label and its distracting you from being able to see the real issue of why you haven’t taken action.

Learn to address the true reasons for inactivity, and let go of the ‘procrastination guilt’ 

So there is only thing needed to eradicate procrastination from your life, and that is to stop believing in the concept. Who came up with the word procrastination anyway? How does it truly help knowing that there is a name for something you are doing?  Think of all the energy lost worrying about the fact that you are not accomplishing the goal.

Here is what happens when there is no label. Lifting the veil on labeling this kind of behaviour frees up energy to explore the real reason no action has occurred.


Letting go of the “Pain of Procrastination” – a real life story

A Director of a city department who makes many presentations would often leave the writing of the presentation to the last minute and create it the night before. When we talked he was under the false assumption that there was an ideal way of creating and so he thought he “should” have taken more time, and felt bad when he pushed off preparation till the last minute.

When he let go of labelling his behavior, he also uncovered his natural creative process. He was able to discover that he actually had been creating the content and mulling ideas over in his mind for several days. By the time he was ready to actually write his presentation it flowed through him easily and quickly. What would have taken him days to construct and write, took him a few hours. He was able to tap into his creativity much more powerfully. His presentations were entertaining to listen to and inspiring.


Time to address the true reason for the inactivity.

  1. The creative process and ideas sometimes require "downtime" to fully form.
  2. There is not enough information available to make a decision or take action.
  3. You may be going against your natural rhythm of how to accomplish tasks.
  4. The task is too overwhelming, it needs to be “chunked down”
  5. You need the expertise of others to complete the task


Follow your Natural Rhythm

When talking to people about the issue of getting more done, there can be a freedom when letting go of the guilt and panic of not having completed something. Imagine if you took that misspent energy and redirected it to getting into action? The goal is no wasted energy, only clear thinking and effective action.

Trust yourself that “it” will get done well when it needs to be done 


Trust yourself that it will get done well when it needs to be done.

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