Think of it as conversations about life, leadership and how the world works that you wish you could have had before now, but never found anyone who would go there with you.


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What is a Deeper Dialogue®?

Deeper Dialogue® is a series of individual discussions designed for people who want to find clarity in their thinking and solve those questions and issues that impede true success and satisfaction in life. Exploring topics most essential to a client's individual effectiveness, interests, challenges and situation, Jonathan delves deep into assumptions and new ways of thinking. Deeper Dialogue® is accomplished by working with unique life situations rather than trying to fit into a "stock" solution that may not be useful or applicable.


Many successful CEO’s and business owners have discovered new levels of personal and professional achievement and satisfaction by having Jonathan guide them through often times quite profound, freeing and meaningful discoveries.  The dialogues may or may not have anything to do with business.


How to begin?

First, a meeting is set up with Jonathan to discover needs and objectives, and whether he believes he can be of service. The Deeper Dialogues are very unique experiences and require a readiness and willingness to start Thinking Differently®.  The nature and depth of the discussion and the objectives desired typically require a minimum one year commitment.


Dialogue Options

The frequency is determined by time, budget and complexity.

Many clients appreciate the structure the dialogues provide because it forces them to find time to step out of their life and reflect, take a breather and delve into topics that truly make a difference in their lives besides EBITDA, margin and strategy. Dialogue structure options include:

    • Bi-Weekly: Session frequency is designed to allow time for momentum to grow and structure to assist with growth.
    • Monthly: For clients who need to break away but find the complexity of their life is such that they would need more time in between meetings to make the changes they desire.
    • Weekly: (Under special circumstances) Weekly sessions are typically provided to clients who are experiencing extraordinary life complexity and require a frequent opportunity to step out of the day to day and find clarity and peace.

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Re-Ignite Your Momentum - for Past Clients

Four strategic meetings over one year, for past clients wanting to re-ignite with the energy and ideas discovered when thinking differently.

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