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Duxter's Leap - a must read for those going through a life or career transition,... or want to be!

What people are saying about Duxter's Leap:

"A wonderfully original book that will inspire your best life"

Robin Sharma, Best Selling Author of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

"Rollercoaster ride to clarity." — Jean W. 

" ...like 'high octane fuel' for the soul.  Whenever I am in doubt, I go back to some of the passages to refuel  and re-energize myself." — Gerri Marie N.

"Duxter's Leap takes you on a journey that will change your life.  Not only will you walk away from this book with a sense of rebirth...you will also have a fun new language guiding you through everyday" — Jennifer G.

"Connecting with you and reading Duxter's Leap was a linchpin for The Audacious Project, and a great catalyst for the new direction.  ...  It's my hope that you know how big of an  impact your book and interview made ..." — Amy H. 

Duxter's Leap:

Written in a fable style, this book is filled with double entendres, word plays, and wonderful characters that reflect your thoughts and feelings. Readers talk about this unique book as if being immersed in a movie, following along with the hero of the story. It helps you by-pass your “chatter”, self-doubt, and other barriers to discover how to move your life ahead by listening to what author Jonathan Creaghan calls in the book the “niggle”, the heart of the matter.

You will find motivating quotes and sayings on almost every page which stick in your head, as you take your own leap.  See the book as a 'go to' guide on how to break free of your comfort zones to make a successful life change.

It shines a light into our thoughts, challenges and dreams!

Immersive!  Magical!  Thoughful!

Since its first publications, Duxter's Leap has been translated into 7 languages around the globe. Regularly Jonathan is contacted by readers informing him of the immense impact Duxter had on their lifes, and thanking him for the fun and safe way Duxter went on his journey, which in essence reflected the journey/transition they themselves were on.

Duxter's Leap is an awakening; a sharing of a private conclusion that will motivate and move you forward. It shines a light into our thoughts, challenges and dreams. A fun, thought provoking fable that will move you into action on a decision you know it's time to make. 

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