6 Ways We Make Stuff Up

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Webinar (12:00pm to 1:00pm EDT)
Registration open to both FEX and non-FEX members


Wed July 11 2018

“Making stuff up” is not about lying, people continue to use old communication methods out of habit and once they are aware of what these are, it is easy to get to the truth. This webinar will look at the six ways people “make stuff up” and how these old ways of thinking and talking can get in the way of clear communication and better decisions making. Identify your way of “making stuff up” and strategies for getting to the true message fast.


  • Entertaining yet thoughtful webinar
  • Will make meetings more efficient
  • Improve your ability to help staff solve problems
  • Skills learnt can be used both at work and home (especially if have teenagers)


Contact Russel Baskin
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
phone: 905-337-8375

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Four Questions to Build Workplace Engagement


Breakfast Club Seminar (7:30am to 9:00am)

As the workforce changes generations, employee engagement becomes a necessity. With this comes a shift of values and priorities of employees of all ages. The need to strengthen leadership abilities is critical. Join us for the first Breakfast Club of the season and hear from Jonathan Creaghan from Total Leader Solutions on how you can develop and keep a pool of satisfied and engaged employees.

In this session you will learn:

  • The two critical factors to building an engaged workforce
  • Five questions every employee needs answered
  • How to build engagement by improving the bench strength of your team


Wed September 13 2017


Western Continuing Studies, Citi Plaza, London Ontario


Contact Jodi Mabee for registration 519-858-5101

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Is the Bench Strength of your Team Strong Enough?

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 Breakfast Seminar (8:00am to 11:45am)

Discover essential stages of leadership and the five critical behaviour traits for need to build a high performing company.  These behaviours are impacted by how the owner uses his/her time and the bench strength of the management team.

Learn how a leader’s role needs to evolve depending on the stage their management team is at, and what can be done to improve your team’s bench strength.

Overview of Objectives:

  • Overview of the four stages of leadership teams. Stage 2 management team, for example, can be reactive with management team dictating the president’s time and energy rather than supporting the president’s vision
  • Identify the five critical behaviour traits for a business success
  • Learn how individual leadership behaviour impacts on team success and ultimately builds a high performing company



Thurs May 11 2017


The London Hunt Club, London Ontario


Contact Tamelynda Lux for registration at 519-642-4349

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Excelling at Leadership



The Toronto Trucking Association and Jonathan Creaghan are offering a 5 part seminar series on building effective leadership skills.

Lunch & Learn seminar series  (12:00 to 2:00pm)

This Lunch & Learn series will provide you with the strategies to excel with the people side of your business.

Registration open to both TTA and non-TTA members

Topics will focus on:

  • Improving communication for better buy-in on business improvements projects
  • Becoming strategically responsive in pressure situations, getting things done in our non-stop "get'er done now world"
  • Learn 4 easy steps to implement your ideas 
  • Tapping into the potential of the people on your team
  • Improving  day to day effectiveness at work and home



Thursday Sept 24 2015; Wednesday Sept 30th; Thursday Oct 8th; Wednesday Oct 14th; Wednesday Oct 21st


TTA Office:  555 Dixon Road, Toronto ON, M9W 1H8


Contact Connie for registration details: 416-248-6211

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Possibility Thinking: The Power of Storytelling in Transforming Lives

Using examples of segments from Duxter's Leap, Jonathan Creaghan will explain how sometimes simple, yet powerful, imagery and metaphors can provide the catalyst needed to help transform people's lives. 

Jonathan Creaghan will be the guest speaker at the Annual General Meeting for Durham Region Help Centre.  Participants in attendance will include key representataives from other Ontario Employment Services, Ontario Boards of Education, Region of Durham, City of Oshawa, YMCA, etc.

"Possibilities pass by your door everyday, all you have to do is reach out and grab one"  ... from Duxter's Leap



Friday, September 25th 2015


Oshawa, Ontario


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Past Clients

List of Clients Jonathan Creaghan has presented at - for almost 20 years

From Webinars to Jury Panels to Guest Speaker at events ranging from 15 to 500 in attendance.


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