"The tools are brilliant and you come to make the right decisions, not second guess yourself. Knowing how to act has strength to it. … if you stay consistent you will sleep at night."

— President of Auto Parts Manufacturer

Whether it is a need for speed to market, managing high growth, succession planning, or feeling tired of being a “market follower”, developing leadership talent to the highest level is critical in today’s business environment.

With over 20 years of experience improving the Human Side of Business, we ensure that the right management team is in place to build a high performing culture and manage success.


J.D. Creaghan Group supports a three step process to ensure Leadership Development success:



    • Bench strength and mix of your management team
    • Company’s capacity to hold the growth


    • The management team for growth by focusing mindsets
    • A plan to strategically implement the change
      • Accomplished through individual and team meetings


    • TotalLeader® Development Program focuses on improving the thinking and behaviour of the leadership to stay ahead of the company’s growth


"Leadership occurs at the moment it is required. Miss the moment and you miss the opportunity to make an impact."

— Jonathan Creaghan


Leadership Development is directed towards transforming team and culture to address specific company objectives. Clients have used the tools in J.D. Creaghan Group’s programs to:

    • Improve employee retention
    • Become Market Leaders
    • Increase Speed to Market
    • Define and train emerging leaders for Succession Planning
    • Energize cultures for increases in revenue and employee satisfaction



    • Leaders developed and initiated new exciting visions for their companies
    • Business owners found rejuvenation for their business again
    • Company taken from near bankruptcy 40:1 ratio to $50M in sales
    • Noticeable improvement in leadership effectiveness
    • Calmness and clear thinking in making critical decision resulting in more piece of mind
    • Helped prepare leadership mindset for sale of company
    • Improve lives of employees
    • Leaders discovered "patience as a competitive advantage", allowing them to exceed competition in winning new business


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TotalLEADER® Management Training

Develop Management Leadership to build a high performing culture and manage success.

    1. Improve communication for stronger buy-in on initiatives
    2. Be more strategic in pressure situations
    3. Improve day to day effectiveness with teams
    4. Use the strategies for all aspects of life
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LeadershipStages Assessment

LeadershipStages Answers:

    • What is the bench strength of your management team?
    • Do you have the leadership potential to grow the company?
    • Do you have an efficient way to guide your leadership team forward?

Leadership Stages is a complete assessment of a leader’s behaviour, while also providing a “how-to” road map to assist your management and teams in their growth. It takes the guess work out leadership development and succession planning.

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