Do you know your Leadership Nature?

This workshop has you examine your natural leadership propensities, and its impact on success.


Thinking Differently®
About Leadership
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"Understand who you are and how you operate in the world and maximize that understanding"

The above quote nicely summarizes how, when we better understand our natural way of operating, we are at our best in life. This workshop is based on Jonathan’s book – Thinking Differently®… Leadership(1st edition version for Family Business still available~ Thinking Differently about...Succession)


What is this seminar about?

You will examine yourself against 4 different types and 4 sub-types of leaders to help you better understand where you should focus your attention and energy and who you should have on your team to balance out your strengths and weaknesses.  During this workshop you will:

    • Assess your natural way of operating
    • Learn how to maximize your potential
    • Understand why you are better in some situations than others
    • Identify who needs to be on your team and why

Who should attend? 

This workshop is perfect for:

    1. New entrepreneurs, who need to understand themselves better to grow their businesses
    2. Established business owners or Family Businesses who want to explore the connection between the growth of their company, themselves and their team
    3. Owners and senior leaders who want to assess themselves and their team to understand who else they need to include to grow.

Length of workshop:  2 hours
Maximum number of participants:  50
Materials:  Copy of Thinking Differently® About…Leadership


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