Getting More Done - How to find minutes to save hours.

What if getting more done wasn’t about managing time? What if it was about finding accumulated minutes across the day by changing your perception of what is going on?


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What is this Seminar?

You’ve taken all the time management courses you will ever need now its time to take a mind management course.

This groundbreaking presentation links how the mind operates and how we think, to our perception of time and action. You will discover solutions to getting more done while staying connected to people who are important to your life in today’s fast paced “’get ‘er done’ now” world.

Using the simple idea of “saving minutes to find hours “ you will:

    • Learn how to get more done in less time
    • Find more time to be with people who are important to you
    • Remain calmer and clear headed when making critical decisions
    • Enjoy your life to its fullest

  2 hour presentation to one day workshop
Number of participants:  up to 200

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