"People are looking to free themselves of old recurring problems, but will use old solutions even if they don't work...until they are provided with new tools and a fresh way of looking at themselves and the situation."

Jonathan provides his guidance and mentorship with varying methods and frequency.  The solutions your business will benefit from depend, in part, on where your organization currently lies along our ‘Reactionary vs Strategic Response’ spectrum (image below).  Organizations who find that they are frequently contending with external forces that are generating unwanted or unnecessary internal changes will find that they have different needs than an organization that is more prone to strategically respond to events that are occurring around them. 





TotalLEADER® Management Training

Develop Management Leadership to build a high performing culture and manage success.

  1. Improve communication for stronger buy-in on initiatives
  2. Be more strategic in pressure situations
  3. Improve day to day effectiveness with teams
  4. Use the strategies for all aspects of life
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LeadershipStages Assessment

LeadershipStages Answers:

  • What is the bench strength of your management team?
  • Do you have the leadership potential to grow the company?
  • Do you have an efficient way to guide your leadership team forward?

Leadership Stages is a complete assessment of a leader’s behaviour, while also providing a “how-to” road map to assist your management and teams in their growth. It takes the guess work out leadership development and succession planning.

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Deeper Dialogue® Coaching

Clients describe this as having conversations about things they have not ever had before with anyone but wish they could have.

These penetrating dialogues provide new insight into life, leadership and how the world works.

Topics are as diverse as the people who have them. It gives an opportunity to answer those unanswerable questions that keep us up at night.

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Do you have the right mix of Managers on your Team?

This workshop has you examine your natural leadership propensities, and its impact on success.

You will explore four different types of leaders and where you fit. This can impact on how you grow your company or business unit; the types of leaders you should be hiring and who should be in what role depending on your goals and aspirations.

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Getting More Done – How to Find Minutes to Save Hours

What if getting more done wasn’t about managing time? What if it was about finding accumulated minutes across the day by changing your perception of what is going on?

This radical seminar breaks down the barriers that actually get in the way of getting more done by helping you discover the connection between your mind and time. Call it mind management.

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