Paperback Book:

Visionaries?  Starters?  Growers?  Maintainers?

Which leadership nature is your company's next generation? 

Thinking Differently® about ... Succession examines four leadership natures:  Visionaries; Starters; Growers; Maintainers to help identify and match the next generation with roles within the family business.

Family companies who build their team ulitizing the nature of its members are more successful than those which try to fit family members into a box hoping that things will work themselves out.

One's nature consists of our natural talents, abilities, personality and gifts.  When operating from this nature, we operate at our best with the highest performance levels. ...

Thinking Differently® about... Succesion will help you answer these and other questions. 

"Which of my children is capable of taking over the reigns?"  

 "My Dad doesn't trust me with more responsibility, what do I do?"  

 "How will I know when she is ready to take over the business?"  


 Short, yet powerful read filled with stories and practical information, under 100 pages.