TotalLEADER® Management Training



"After the Total Leader Program I have been able to implement change with a higher success, accomplish more in a day with less stress, and have a much clearer mind. Feels like the background noise is gone."

— Jason Myer, National Tire Retail Owner

TotalLeader® Management Training is designed to ensure that the right team is in place to build a high performining culture, and manage for success.  

This training helps leaders develop the mind-set, communication, and behavior that will provide opportunities for success in their work and life.

The focus of TotalLeader® is on three areas:


Clear thinking, saves time and builds confidence.

      • Process information for more self-assured analysis, strategic thinking, and decision making in our information 'over loaded' high pressure world.

         Clear thinking, generates confident communication.


Clear communication leads to follow through by others.

      • Speak less, be hear more.
      • Communicate a message that people can trully follow and can execute at the level of excellence required for success.

         Confident communication, leads to strong leadership.


Strong leadership leads to teams working better together.

      • Create an environment for staff to be their best, where the culture is conducive to high performance, employee satisfication, and working in unison.

         Strong leadership, creates extraordinary outcomes.


Why TotalLeader® Management Training?


    • Builds team cohesiveness
    • Provides a common language in the workplace
    • Tailored to company’s goals
    • Measurable ROI of training investment
    • Each workshop builds on the other for reinforced learning and retention
    • Benefits the entire person and their life, not just work



TotalLeader® follows our 5 Training Pillars


    1.   Easy to understand
    2.   Simple to use
    3.   Doesn’t add to daily to do list
    4.   Apply instantly
    5.   Effective at home or work


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